Wooden cell-phone case laser marking machine customizing your special cell-phone case


POST ON:2020-03-31

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With the development of mobile internet, smart phone has been an indispensable thing in our daily life. And cell-phone case is always comes with a newly purchased cellphone. But a personalized cell-phone case customized by Wooden cell-phone case laser marking machine will make you different.


Using Wooden cell-phone case laser marking machine won’t contact cell-phone case directly. Laser marking is a kind of technique of marking permanent sign on the cell-phone case’s surface by using laser bean with high energy density. The surface pattern of the cell-phone case won’t fade through multiple touching.


Laser marking technique combine with Computer Numerical Control constitute the automatic processing equipment. Wooden cell-phone case laser marking machine will mark the pattern that you need according to the preset pattern after making drawings on the computer software.



The marking precision of laser technology could reach an accuracy of mm scale. The pattern that by laser marking is exquisite. Wooden cell-phone case laser marking machine could mark without using chemicals compare to traditional silk screen printing. It is an environmental processing technique. Laser marking could shorten the customized cycle of cell- phone case because of its high marking speed.


People are eager to show their personality by decorating their smart phone with various phone cases. Wooden cell-phone case laser marking machine could create personalized cell- phone case that avoid “mobile phone clash” with low cost, high speed and flexibility.



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