Sneakers laser marking machine for the top shoemaking enterises


POST ON:2019-05-14

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The laser girl imagines a pair of sneakers
It must be different and the most fashionable
If you want to ask laser girl what shoe is fashionable at the moment
Hollow out sneakers are definitely number one
Laser hollow out sneakers,  eye-catching and stylish new heights


ASICS laser engraving on the leather of the shoe body
Detailed outline of the thread texture and air vent
Combination of comfortable sole and laser hollow mesh
Bringing a sense of  luxury without losing fashion


Vans announces the Old Skool shoes with new design
Plaid pattern on leather shoe body by laser drilling
Combination of  tidal current and air permeability
Popular with trendsetters


PUMA and BMW have teamed up to create a futuristic sneaker
Integrate innovative seamless concept into shoe style
The dazzling silver upper is made of ultra-lightweight materials
Seamless Design and Laser Hollow Geometric Patterns
Perfect Interpretation of the Avant-garde Concept of Gina Light Visual Model



Laser marking machine provides precise and meticulous product technical support for shoemaking industry
Sneakers laser marking machine Deduces Variety of Product Processing Effect for Sports Shoes
Sneaker laser marking machine takes off the tedium of ordinary sneaker
Let the sport shoes shine brightly under the shaping of laser technology


Recommended mode-Upgraded Triaxial Dynamic Laser Marker


Original imported C02 RF laser generator, high quality laser spot with uniform power density and stable output power;
Triaxial dynamic high speed scanning system, imported core component, equipped with digital display focusing function, small gathering spot, large working area, high speed, flexible and good stability;
The light path cavity adopts sealed dual dustproof design, ensure the laser source, galvanometer and other core op cal parts work in a clean environment, make the machine work more stable with longer life;
The op cal bench can be adjusted manually to meet different processing size requirement, largest working area can reach 600*600mm;


Aluminum frame, compact structure, smaller area occupation and higher space utilization;
The upper and lower double suction structures enable the processing dust to be effectively removed so as to achieve environmental protection and safety;
Smart Scanner professional control system, easy opera on, small resource occupation, quick data processing. Compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw with high procession efficiency.


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