Seven core competitiveness of laser cutting machine industry


POST ON:2021-01-13

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With the development of society, the market for laser cutting machine industry is very fierce, such as CO2 laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine and so on. When the market is big, the competition will increase. When the competition is big, the market will naturally be difficult to do. How can a company survive in the laser cutting machine industry and make more profits? As the name suggests, it is to improve product technology, increase production efficiency and innovative marketing concepts. So what are the core competitiveness of enterprises?
From the analysis of its specific manifestations, there are the following seven aspects:

1. Corporate culture competition.

Cultural competitiveness is an integration force composed of common values, common ways of thinking and common ways of doing things. It directly plays a role in coordinating the operation of the enterprise organization and integrating its internal and external resources. The reason why Mengniu’s 25 rules can become Mengniu’s core competitiveness is that these 25 rules have become Mengniu’s common values, common thinking methods and common codes of conduct. Therefore, the decision-making power and execution power of enterprises are bound to be directly controlled by it.

2. Sales channel competition.

If an enterprise wants to make money, profit, and develop, it must have enough customers to accept its products and services. If there is no wide and effective channel to communicate the relationship between the enterprise and the customer, and the enterprise is isolated from the customer, it will inevitably fail miserably. Therefore, sales channels are directly a resource, and channel competitiveness directly constitutes a content of enterprise support.

3. Product price competition.

Cheap is one of the eight values ​​that customers seek, and there are no customers who don’t care about price. When quality and brand influence are equal, the price advantage is competitiveness. Without price advantage, consumers will eventually be eliminated. Therefore, this competitiveness directly constitutes a content of enterprise support.

4. Business process competition.

The process is the sum of the individual ways of doing things in the various organizations and roles of the enterprise. It directly restricts the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation of the enterprise organization. There is no efficiency and effectiveness in the individual ways of doing things in various institutions and positions of the enterprise organization, and the operation of the enterprise organization will not be efficient and effective.

5. Competition with business partners.

The development of human society to this day, the days when everything does not ask for help to do everything in the world has become a thing of the past. To provide customers with comprehensive and value-added services and value satisfaction, it is necessary to establish a broad strategic alliance. If an enterprise loses the support of its partners, it will not be able to adapt to customer value to meet the requirements of centralization, and it will inevitably be at a disadvantage in the cruel market competition. Therefore, its enhancement is directly the enhancement of enterprise support and execution.

6. Innovation awareness competition.

One move first, eat everywhere, this is the only way in market competition. To make a move, there must be continuous innovation. Who can continue to create this trick first, who can be invincible in this market competition. Therefore, it is not only an important content of enterprise support, but also an important content of enterprise execution.

7. Product brand competition.

Brands need to be based on quality, but quality alone cannot constitute a brand. It is the reflection of the strong corporate culture in the minds of the public. Therefore, it also directly constitutes a company’s ability to integrate internal and external resources. Once a brand is formed, it is directly a resource. Therefore, it is an important part of the enterprise’s support.

To sum up, from the perspective of all aspects of the entire laser cutting machine company, any factor that has not been improved will also affect the core competitiveness of the company, and the company will not get a good effect.

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