Pcb Laser Cutting Machine working and modern design


POST ON:2020-04-28

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Printed Circuit Board Cutter is that is largely used in the metal processing industries. It is highly used for the decorated industry, shipbuilding, light industry, electrical appliances, aviation, metallurgy and the stainless steel products.

Pcb Laser Cutting Machine is maintenance-free, flexible and durable fiber laser engraving machines which have exclusive spec list and big work area. The sufficient work area provides allowance to a big range of different parts to be marked, whether little or big, heavy or lightweight. They are composed of front sliding door coupled with a side access to offer t he operator a complete 180 degree access to the loading place. There are a touch display monitor and an on-board processor permitting users to pick easily and edit pre-configured marking programs in true time.

A PC cutting machine is a strong cutting tool for printed circuit board, thin plastic, aluminum, and copper. It is used to cut fiberglass or paper phenolic PCBs that largely range at 2mm thick. It is composed of a plastic safety guard to reject cutting accidents. In most cases, the lower and upper shearing blocks are produced from hardened alloyed tool grade steel to facilitate an exact and well-finished cut every time.

The working

The laser cutting machines do not need contact and they are far more atmosphere friendly and utilize no consumables. Pcb Laser Cutting Machine needs little or no maintenance and can be used in a mechanical mode. Further, PCB cutting machines have the capability to mark either variable or serialized data, that is transmitted in true time, making it a perfect choice for many customers.

The latest design

In the latest industry, PCB laser cutting machines are rightly designed for anything from light use to the most demanding atmosphere. The systems are composed of highly run fiber laser engines. This makes the lifestyle be far much greater offering one with high peak power, extreme fast processing time with highest application flexibility.

These machines can mark graphics, text, matrix, barcodes, QR and 2D code with a top level of industry leading accuracy. In terms of setup, they involve an amazing easy set up, programming and marking with easy yet strong program and flexible ergonomic design.


PC cutting machines are accessible in many options. These range from portable desktop, stand-alone or integrated laser cutting machines. Depending on the customer’s needs, custom solutions can be made with user support to facilitate implementation in an already mechanical production line.