Can medical protective clothing be processed with a CO2 laser cutting machine


POST ON:2020-03-25

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The most in short supply today, it is the medical protective clothing. Medical protective clothing is one of the most important protective materials for frontline medical personnel, and the gap needs to be filled as soon as possible. Therefore, many medical protective clothing manufacturers resumed production during the Spring Festival holiday to cope with the huge material gap. Cutting is indispensable in the production of medical protective clothing. So in order to speed up the production process, can medical protective clothing be processed with a CO2 laser cutting machine?



The manufacturing process of protective clothing is not simple. From the production of protective clothing fabrics to the completion of finished protective clothing, there are at least 10 processes in the middle. One of the important procedures is cutting. For the cutting of protective clothing fabrics, CO2 laser cutting machines are completely competent.


General process of protective clothing production


Cutting is one of the most important processes in protective clothing and even the entire clothing industry. The characteristics of CO2 laser cutting machines have significantly improved the cutting efficiency and quality of protective clothing. Non-contact visual laser processing makes the non-woven edge of the protective clothing smooth and no drawing. At the same time, the use of CO2 laser cutting machine can realize the vision asynchronous cutting of different parts, different sizes, and irregular graphics of the protective clothing fabric in the same plane. Asynchronous cutting, through its automatic typesetting system, it can perform efficient processing such as efficient mixing, gradient and other optimization processing algorithms to perform automatic layout. SmartCarve software reasonably allocates and processes the graphics data after layout, thereby greatly saving manual typesetting time and reducing scrap Waste.


Medical protective clothing is the last barrier in the process of diagnosis and treatment. It is necessary to protect medical personnel from infection by various pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, etc., to resist the intrusion of water, alcohol, and oil stains, and to effectively prevent static electricity and even prevent dust from entering. Therefore, the quality must meet high standards and strict requirements, and any production process including cutting can not be ignored. As a more advanced and intelligent CO2 laser cutting process than the traditional cutting process, it provides more efficient and reliable processing quality. It is transforming the field of apparel fabric processing and helping to win the new coronavirus epidemic prevention battle at an early date.