Laser Sticker Cutting Machine functional, application and advantages


POST ON:2020-04-28

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This type of laser cutting machine is also known as mini laser machine. It is largely used for all types of nonmetal thin plate cutting, sticker kiss cutting or other nonmetal cutting graving like all types of papar arts cutting and engraving, you can use such Laser Sticker Cutting Machine to perform thin cutting and make other delicate crafts and arts.


  • This laser sticker cutting machine is belong to the desktop size, it is pretty strong with 40w water cooling tube, besides it engraving all types of the stamps, it can also engraving all other nonmetal stuffs, it can also perform the cutting jobs for the thin materials.
  • The machine can support the coredraw output directly from the machine, it is best and perfect machine.


Flexible operation

A traditional blanking line as an instrument for each part that is fixed design that is extremely high investment, generally costing somewhere on the order of $50,000 per tool, depending on the shape. A turret punch is somewhat excellent in that you can program any shape that can use that set of little shapes to make something, but if you want to replace a dimensions on a hole or something of that nature, design change is restricted to the tools accessible, or a new tool must be purchased and it must change on accessible slot on the turret. These instruments are less pricey, but still need regular maintenance, which is somewhat specialized job, so the labor cost will be higher. A laser can replace the cutting profile on the fly, and generally takes less than an hour to reprogram.

Quick changeover

A blanking press needs thirty minutes to replace between cutting different parts, as the dies must be swapped out. A laser can replace program quickly, leading to time savings and permitting for little production runs to have a decreased price.

Improved edge quality

Since punches and presses are shearing via the material, which literally stretches the edge until it breaks, the top side of a part generally has a rounded over edge, while the base has a bunch of stretched ribbons that are extremely sharp. These are sometimes needed to be cleaned off with an abrasive, which is a secondary process that include to price. A laser, when rightly targeted and set for a material, cuts a part with an edge with a mirror-like surface, the top edge remains square, and the base edge is perfect to the touch.