In this way, the silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine can save more material


POST ON:2020-03-26

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Compared with traditional equipment, which is more dependent on manual operation, more waste of materials. The silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine uses computer typesetting, control and automatic cutting, which has an advantage in saving materials. Saving material mainly depends on typesetting, so what are the precautions for typesetting?


1.Part spacing

In general, the silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine is used to cut thick plates and hot plates, and the spacing between parts is large, because the heat influence of the hot plates of the thick plates is large. When cutting corners and small graphics, it is easy to burn and affect the cutting quality.


2.Leftover processing

After the silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine finishes cutting the parts, the skeleton-shaped residual material on the silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine workbench needs to be removed as soon as possible to facilitate subsequent cutting operations. For laser cutting equipment without an automatic unloading device, the skeleton-shaped residual material can be cut into small pieces to facilitate rapid removal. Therefore, the operator can avoid personal injury caused by moving heavy and sharp-edged surplus materials.


3.Cut on the same edge

Two or more parts are co-edged into a combination. Large-volume regular graphics are co-edged as much as possible. Cut on the same edge can greatly reduce the cutting time. In this way, the silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine can also save raw materials.


4. Lead wire settings

In the process of cutting thicker plates, in order to make the cutting seam join well and prevent burns at the beginning and end, a transition line is often introduced at the beginning and end of the cut, respectively called the lead line and the tail line. Leads and tail wires are useless to the workpiece itself, so it should be arranged outside the scope of the workpiece, and at the same time, pay attention not to set the leads at places that are not easy to dissipate heat such as sharp corners. As far as possible, the connection between the lead wire and the cutting slot adopts a circular arc transition to make the silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine move smoothly and avoid burns caused by corner stops.


5.Part collision

In order to maximize the production efficiency, the silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine basically runs continuously for 24 hours, and uses an unmanned automatic loading / unloading device. If the cutting head hits the finished part and the cutting head is damaged and the production is interrupted, it will bring large losses. This requires attention when sorting


① Choose a suitable cutting path and detour the cut parts to reduce collisions.


② Choose the best cutting route and reduce the cutting time.


③ Automatically or manually combine multiple small parts with micro connections. After cutting, the removed parts can easily disconnect the micro connections.


6.Corner melting

When the corners of the steel sheet are cut at a reduced speed, the laser will melt the corners due to overheating. Generate a small radius at the corners to maintain high-speed cutting of the silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine and avoid the phenomenon of overheating and melting of the steel plate when cutting the corners, thereby obtaining good cutting quality, reducing cutting time and improving productivity.


After reading these six points, it will definitely bring you a lot of help in typesetting. Typesetting is not a trivial matter. Only when the typesetting is done can you save more materials and maximize production efficiency. This is not empty words, but a large number of first-line silicon steel sheet laser cutting machine operators have accumulated through long-term field operations.