Laser automatic cutting machine, the best helper for large format scale cloth and multi-layer cutting.


POST ON:2020-03-23

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We live in an age of technological explosion, and no one wants to stop. Intelligent manufacturing has arrived. We are located in the vortex center of the world factory of China. We use our own intelligent equipment to catch up, even surpass the industrial technology in Europe and the United States, and build our own technical moat. The textile processing industry is one of the fastest growing areas. At present, domestic equipment used for the production, processing of textile and apparel occupies about 80% of the market share. Such as a laser automatic cutting machine, it’s the best helper for large format scale cloth and multi-layer cutting.


China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of textiles and apparel. The production of textile and clothing is inseparable from the cutting of fabrics. Traditional cutting tools have complicated procedures, high labor costs, inevitably low machining accuracy, easy edges and threads, however laser automatic cutting machines can easily cope with high precision, no contact, smooth cuts and no rough edges; It can cut any complex shape and omit the hemming process, which gives more possibilities for textile and apparel fabric processing.


Laser cutting machine for fabrics, CMA1825C-DF-B


  1. Let’s take an example of the following laser automatic cutting machine for textile fabrics. In addition to the features described above, it also has the following features:


  1. Reinforced welding bed, imported large-scale gantry precision milling, tempering and vibration aging to eliminate stress, and ensure that the machine tool deformation tolerance is within ± 0.02mm;


  1. Double-beam asynchronous laser cutting system: It can reasonably allocate two laser heads to perform mixed cutting in the same cutting frame for a variety of different sizes and irregularly arranged graphics, effectively improving work efficiency and saving materials;


  1. Rack and pinion dual servo drive, the maximum running speed can reach 60 meters / minute;


  1. The independent technical property rights are based on finite element and dynamic simulation analysis technology, using high-strength cast aluminum alloy beams of aviation-grade aluminum alloy materials, light weight, good rigidity and good dynamic performance;


  1. Full-automatic electronic oiling and lubrication system, maintenance-free, time-saving, worry-free, and trouble-free, can ensure that the equipment runs continuously for 24 hours;


  1. Can adapt to the cutting of any flexible fabric;


Each feature is designed for optimal cutting of textile fabrics. Laser automatic cutting machine is suitable for cutting of textiles and garments, cutting of airbags, cutting of leather, sofas, carpets and curtains, etc. It is a good helper for multi-layer cutting of large-format fabrics.