[ knowledge] Summer sports are particular, and the laser hollow sports equipment is comfortable and breathable.


POST ON:2020-07-28

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Lixia just passed,

The heat of early summer was unexpected.

The scorching sun and sweat,

It is a challenge that every athlete will face.

How to make sports more enjoyable in the hot summer?

With high-permeability cloth leather high-speed laser hollowing machine hollowing sports equipment,

It is to enhance the sense of sports experience.

Laser cutout sports cap

Sports caps are a must-have product for summer outdoor sports. But the hat is a double-edged sword, and it can also bring a sultry feeling to the head while shading the sun. Fabric leather high-speed laser hollowing machine cuts out holes on both sides of the hat, which can effectively help the head to dissipate heat, allowing you to keep cool when you go out and show a full of vitality.

Laser cutout sportswear

According to the data of human body heat and perspiration, the key parts of sweat clothing that are easy to sweat are hollowed out through the eyelet through the leather high-speed laser hollowing machine to provide the best air permeability, promote the air circulation on the skin surface, and accelerate the cooling and perspiration. The laser processing fabric has high precision, no scorched edges, and no yellowing. It has both functionality and aesthetics, and implements the spirit of sports and fashion without boundaries.

Laser cutout sneakers

Whether it is indoor sports or outdoor sports, a pair of suitable sports shoes is an important plus point to increase the sense of sports experience. The lightweight sole design is perfectly combined with the leather and leather high-speed laser hollowing machine hollowing the upper, which makes the sports shoes more breathable and sweat-absorbing, and the comfort is doubled. Make every jump more and more shining.

Recommended equipment:

(Three-axis dynamic CO2 laser marking machine MC-D-C)

1. Features

◆ High quality original CO2 RF laser

◆ Three-axis dynamic marking system

◆ Compact body design

◆ Up and down double exhaust structure

◆ Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller

◆ Independent research and development of SmartScanner marking special software

2. Process application of laser marking machine

Fabric leather high-speed laser hollowing machine is mainly used for non-metallic materials such as greeting cards, leather, rubber, wooden boards, bamboo products, plexiglass, ceramic tiles, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, cloth and so on.