How to improve the cutting efficiency of laser cutting machine?


POST ON:2020-12-02

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Laser cutting machines have high efficiency. Compared with traditional cutting machines, laser cutting machines can cut metal and other materials more accurately and quickly. So how to maintain consistent and efficient cutting efficiency? Today Bystronic Laser will discuss with you how Improve the cutting efficiency of thelaser cutting machine.



1. Cutting layout plan

  When performing laser cutting, you must first look at the drawings and conceive the cutting route. On the premise of ensuring the cutting quality of the processed object, reduce the cutting route and avoid repeated cutting.


   2. Debug the laser cutting machine parameters

  The setting of laser cutting machine parameters is one of the important factors that affect the cutting speed. If the parameters are not adjusted well, the cutting speed will be affected. The cutting parameters are set and modified according to the material and shape of the cutting workpiece.


   Three, cutting machine working environment

If the working environment temperature of the metal laser cutting machine is higher than 30 degrees, or lower than 18 degrees, and there is a lot of dust and the environment is humid, it will easily lead to an increase in the failure rate and even serious damage to the machine, so you need to pay attention to the cutting machine Working environment.


   Four, maintenance on time

The metal laser cutting machine needs to be debugged and maintained after being used for a period of time. There are many components of the laser equipment. The maintenance period of some parts is not long and the operation is convenient. Therefore, frequent maintenance is required to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the laser cutting machine. .