Food laser engraving machine giving you unexpected happiness and sweet


POST ON:2020-05-21

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Dessert could heal all bad moods. It not only needs good taste, but also beautiful appearance for a foodie. Food laser engraving machine engraved dessert giving you unexpected happiness and sweet.


Colorful macaroon integrated with laser engraved pattern shows amazing visual effects.


Non-contact laser engraving technology will not destroy the shape and taste of biscuits


Laser engraved dessert graced the afternoon time. Eating delicious dessert accompany by soft music in the afternoon which is an extreme enjoyment.

Food laser engraving machine achieve the artistic processing of food by creative thinking and design. Laser engraving technique will bring more disruptive innovation to food industry in the future.

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Co2 food laser engraving machine

Co2 food laser engraving machine adopts RF CO2 laser generator with good quality laser beam, uniform laser power density and stable laser power output which can meet the demand of most industry application in market.

2. Digital high speed scanning galvanometer: fast speed, stable quality.

3. Core Controller with completed function and software. The powerful control system of Co2 food laser engraving machine can optimize data according to different technology, support multiple languages and layers management.
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