Craft laser engraving machine creating distinctive calendar


POST ON:2020-04-09

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Creative calendar created by craft laser engraving machine make you love recording time again! With each passing day, we enjoyed everyday life. We could know the date by clicking the mobile phone screen since we have electronics. However, some designers hope to manifest the date through calendar.



The TRIAD company used non-contract craft laser engraving machine to create on the paper. The machine won’t engrave the paper directly and non-mechanical deformation. You will see its true features until you past a year.



Dodecal company changed upright way of desktop calendar and draw numbers of different months on the dodecahedron by using laser engraving technology. The craft laser engraving machine could engrave date on every side of the dodecahedron calendar according to the drawer after drawing on the computer. Every month has an individual side. It is a combination of function and design.


This calendar doesn’t need overturn any side. Just move it left and right could adjust it to the right date manually. The precision of craft laser engraving machine could reach an accuracy of mm scale. The edge is smooth without burr. These numbers on the calendar that by laser engraving is distinct and beautiful. And the number won’t fade through many movements. The most important is it can be used permanently.



As the days go by, memory may be lost with time and gradually faded away. But the calendar could leave traces that we experienced. Use the craft laser engraving machine if you want more exquisite calendars. Also let us meet past ourselves again.




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