Car Footwear Laser cutting machine solves three major market demands for Footwear


POST ON:2020-03-24

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As early as the middle of the 20th century, the US universally popularized cars, and China’s car ownership is developing in this direction. This will also bring about the vigorous development of the automotive-related industry chain. One of them is the Footwear for Car, which is the most frequently replaced automotive interior. Laser cutting machine for Footwear solves the three major market demands of Footwear for car.


Automatic Feeding Laser Cutting Machine (CMA1610-FET)


Car companies will release new cars or upgrade old cars every year. It´s okay to not change the position of the Footwear. Once make some adjustments, you need to adapt the new car Footwear. Maybe the old ones can also be used, but after all, the right one is the best. The powerful customization function of the Car Footwear Laser cutting machine, no need to open the mold.

No matter how the design changes, as long as the design drawings are imported into the computer, the car foot laser cutting machine can cut according to the drawings.

2.High efficiency

Car Footwear Laser cutting machine can respond to market demand as soon as possible, which product is popular, we produce it. In addition, the “fast” of the automotive Car Footwear Laser cutting machine is also reflected in the fast cutting speed. The laser is called the fastest knife. Add functions such as Multilayer cutting, Double-head asynchronous cutting, Visual cutting, Automatic loading and unloading, the Car Footwear Laser cutting machine can be described as perfect.

3.High quality

The laser is also called the most accurate ruler. The Car Footwear Laser cutting machine directly irradiates the surface of the object to be cut through the ultra-fine laser beam to achieve the purpose of cutting. Traditional knife die cutting, complicated cutting processes, high labor costs, inevitably low processing accuracy, easy to take off edges, etc, while the laser cutting technology can easily cope. The laser cutting has advantages such as high accuracy, no contact, smooth cuts, no roughness, cutting of any complex shape, and elimination of the hemming process have given more possibilities for laser processing of automotive Footwear.


There are many styles of car Footwear. The materials are not only leather and cloth, but also wooden car mats. As long as it is a non-metallic material, the Car Footwear Laser cutting machine can easily handle it. In terms of saving equipment expenses, laser machines are also one of the market demands.