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    Model WFC-A Fiber Laser Welding Machine
    Laser wave length (nm) 1064
    Fiber split(n) 1/2 line
    Fiber diameter (um) 50/100 (optional)
    Fiber length (m) 10/15 (Optional)
    Average power (W) 1000
    Cooling way Water Cooling
    Working environment Storage temp.:-20°C~60°C;Humidity:<70%  Working temp.:10°C~35°C;Humidity:<70%
    Power (KW) <1.5
    Power supply 220VAC±10% ; 50/60Hz
    Total weight (KG) 100
    Overall dimension (mm) 425*970*168


    Model WTA-A Welding Worktable Specifications
    Working area X/Y:4000*300(Standard, customized) Gantry:600*600*400(Effective stroke)
    Min focal spot diameter (mm) 0.2
    Positioning accuracy (mm) <0.02
    Teaching method of welding seam Coaxial CCD Teaching
    Lifting height (mm) 0~300 (standard/customized)
    Support format PLT, etc.
    Working environment Storage temp. :-20°C~60°C; Humidity:<70% Working temp.: 10°C~30°C; Humidity:<70%
    Gross power (KW) 5
    Power supply Three phase 380VAC±10% ; 50/60Hz
    Total weight (KG) 200
    Overall dimension (mm) X/Y:1000*1200*1600(Excluding the support frame)  Gantry:1900*1350*1800



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