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    Model FC300-B-A
    Laser power(W) 20-50(Fiber)3-5(UV)30(CO2)
    Working area(mm) Width of the coil 10~300
    Overall dimension(mm) 1450x770x1600
    Weight(Kg) 300
    Speed(mm/s) 0-7000
    Supply voltage AC220V/10A ±5%
    Working environment Temp:10~ 35°C,Humidity:5~85%,Clean,less dust
    Total power(kw) 2



    Quality Control

    • Feed quality inspection (IQC)

      Perform strict inspection and inspection on all products and raw materials supplied by suppliers
    • Process Inspection (IPQC/PQC)

      Strict quality control from the start of the production to the finished manufacturing process
    • Inbound inspection (FQC)

      Before the finished product is put into storage, according to the inspection standard, the "production order" carries out comprehensive quality inspection and control.

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