Automatic One Plus One Flat Mask Machine - 1 in 1 Flat Mask Production Line – Han s Yueming



    Model HL-DFM90A
    Dimension L(3950mm)*W(2670mm)
    Power supply 220VAC 50Hz~60HZ
    Air pressure ≥0.5~ 0.6Mpa
    Machine power about 15Kw
    Speed 80~100 pcs/min
    Labor requirement 1 operator (change the fabric and keep eyes on ear loop and nose bar)



    Quality Control

    • Feed quality inspection (IQC)

      Perform strict inspection and inspection on all products and raw materials supplied by suppliers
    • Process Inspection (IPQC/PQC)

      Strict quality control from the start of the production to the finished manufacturing process
    • Inbound inspection (FQC)

      Before the finished product is put into storage, according to the inspection standard, the "production order" carries out comprehensive quality inspection and control.

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