Asynchronous Laser Cutting Machine Series






    Working area

    1550 * 1150 mm

    1550*550 mm

    Laser power


    Cutting speed

    0~18 (m/min)

    Machine dimension

    2780 * 2905* 2065 mm

    2200*2115*1200 mm

    Power Supply needed

    Machine: Single phase AC220V±5%

    Fan: 380V, 50/60HZ

    Machine weight



    Work enviroment

    Temp: 5~40℃, Humidity: 5-80%

    Clean, less dust


    ·Asynchronous double heads cutting system
    ·Fully enclosed laser path design
    ·CE safety certification


    1. Asynchronous double heads cutting system: Installed self-developed SmartCarve software; the double heads could cut different patterns asynchronously, and the software could assign the nested job to each head to achieve high efficiency;
    2. Large format vision cutting system: support printed material contour extraction, support maximum 9 different templates matching and processing;
    3. Projection function: nesting and collecting by projection, the projected image shows different sizes, different components, left & right patterns .It has convenient nesting and collection function;
    4. Auto-nesting software: The nesting system could nesting in high utilization rate in a short time. The advantages of automatic typesetting can support automatic nesting to double as a unit, also support one foot of row material, mixing, scrap cutter;
    5. Fully enclosed laser path design, comply with CE safety certification.





    Quality Control

    • Feed quality inspection (IQC)

      Perform strict inspection and inspection on all products and raw materials supplied by suppliers
    • Process Inspection (IPQC/PQC)

      Strict quality control from the start of the production to the finished manufacturing process
    • Inbound inspection (FQC)

      Before the finished product is put into storage, according to the inspection standard, the "production order" carries out comprehensive quality inspection and control.

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